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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Swine Flu Contagious After Fever Stops Per Research

Found this article today that suggests the swine flu is still contagious long after fever stops - perhaps as long as the patient is still coughing:

When the coughing stops is probably a better sign of when a swine flu patient is no longer contagious, experts said after seeing new research that suggests the virus can still spread many days after a fever goes away.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been telling people to stay home from work and school and avoid contact with others until a day after their fever breaks. The new research suggests they may need to be careful for longer _ especially at home where the risk of spreading the germ is highest.

Swine flu also appears to be contagious longer than ordinary seasonal flu, several experts said.

“This study shows you’re not contagious for a day or two. You’re probably contagious for about a week,” said Gaston De Serres, a scientist at the Institute of Public Health in Quebec.

Link: National Terror Alert.com - Swine Flu Spreads Long After Fever Stops

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Anonymous said...

In the near future, I will post some things about the swine flu vaccine.

Now, I am not diagnosing and/or prescribing mediation, I'm only sharing some of the natural things that my family and I have used successfully to combat the swine flu.

For Fever
One of the best natural remedies for fever is willow bark.

For Cough
This is often the most annoying, and most lingering, symptom of the flu. A good thing, then, that there is a whole collection of natural remedies for coughs.
Marsh mallow (not to be confused with the candy).

Peppermint is also widely used for cough

Slippery elm, like the mallows, throat and respiratory soother," and it is a cough suppressant as well.

For Cough and sore throat
Anise and licorice

For Runny or Stuffy Nose
Mullein. ginger, two to three teaspoons of dry watercress to make a tea for treating cold-related runny nose and cough. Or try an ounce of fresh watercress," such as on a salad.

For Body Aches and Stiffness, and Headache
willow bark, ginger and peppermint.

For Fighting the Virus
Echinacea, fresh chicken soup. Be sure to include lots of immune system boosting foods. http://holistic-nutrition.suite101.com/article.cfm/top_ten_overall_immune_system_booster_foods like okra is a good addition, as are plenty of garlic and onions. Hot pepper, especially cayenne, is also very good to fight the flu, especially if you are chilled.
And finally, one last herbal remedy: Elderberry.

For More information:

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