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Monday, September 7, 2009

Preparedness Skills - Basics and Beyond

Found an excellent website tonight that I want to share with everyone: Listening To Katrina

In the author's own words:

Listening to Katrina is a record of my personal experience of hurricane Katrina, and a guide to help you prepare for emergencies and disasters of all kinds. This work is very straightforward and available entirely online. I am not selling anything.

This site has several uses. I have been told that it is enormously entertaining - so if nothing else, it's good for goofing off at work. You can access all of the content of this site through the CONTENTS menu at the left side of any page.

MEDIA & LINKS - Links to other sites and other media that reference this site.

WORKBOOK - The site encourages you to create and maintain a Workbook for your family. As you read the Listening to Katrina sections, you'll be taught how to do this. I don't sell the workbook. You have to build your own, but you can print all the pages for free from that link.

PREPAREDNESS PROJECTS - The site encourages you to make certain preparations, but does not provide much depth on some technical details. The Preparedness Projects pages provide that detail. They are also designed so that you can accomplish each project in your own time frame in small steps.

LISTENING TO KATRINA - This is the main portion of the site. It is the story and the guide. While I use my experience of Katrina as an example, the preparations I talk about aren't just about hurricanes. The preparations I cover are useful for every sort of emergency - from a simple house fire to global thermonuclear war. Every page has a place in the context, and I invite you to read the site page for page in sequence. There are very few pages that are extraneous, and if you skip around you will lose the context and the site will not be very useful to you.

Another excerpt I like - in his story about heading out ahead of Katrina:
A good measure of the mental condition of your fellow evacuees is litter. The more panic people feel, the less they care about the niceties of society. Litter is a direct correlation with the mental condition of the people. The roadside, rest stops, and refueling stations were quickly full of litter. Not a good sign.
This is a very extensive website with TONS of useful information that will make you think and get your preps into gear - you need to check this site out no matter where you might be on your preparedness journey.

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