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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Signs To Watch For in Pediatric Swine Flu

Physician researchers across the U.S. are noting that about 2/3rds of the pediatric deaths from swine flu so far have had underlying conditions such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, MD or other diseases that suppress the immune or respiratory systems.

In 1/3rd of pediatric cases, however, they are unsure why otherwise normal, healthy children have died from this virus.

They do note that these seem to be exacerbated by a bacterial infection:

But they did say that when influenza combines with a bacterial infection, such as pneumonia, the patient often follows a pattern in which his symptoms start to subside but then suddenly worsen. That pattern — which includes symptoms such as vomiting, chest pain, a racing pulse, breathing trouble, bluish skin or trouble staying awake — is an indication that the flu has turned deadly, and it means a sufferer should talk to a doctor immediately.

So don't panic, treat this flu as you would any other, but pay attention for the trend noted in the quote above. We definitely don't want to overwhelm our Emergency Room facilities unnecessarily, but you should take your child immediately if you notice any of the symptoms above.

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