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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Help With Your Preps

Would you like for your religious, civic, social or business organization to know more about what Emergency Preparedness is? Would you, as an individual or family, like assistance getting your Emergency Preparedness plan started?

Would you like help with answers to questions such as:

~ Why should I prepare?
~ What am I preparing for?
~ What is a 72-hour kit that FEMA suggests?
~ How do I put one together?
~ Should I have a emergency kit in my vehicle?
~ How do I put together a vehicle emergency kit?
~ Should I store food?
~ How do I figure out how much to store?
~ Where will I store it?

By getting started with simple, easy steps you can increase your safety and security immensely. We have been actively practicing Emergency Preparedness for our family for over 10 years and we'd love to show you how to get started.

To schedule an Emergency Preparedness speaking engagement or to set up a time for individual consultation, you may contact me using the contact form below.

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