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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beekeeping Info: Checklists and Hive Beetles

I've been working our beehives this spring in preparation for our honey flows this year. We had 4 hives going into spring, did one split and have purchased 2 additional NUCs, giving us a total of 7 hives this year.

I just found out about a new type of bottom board called the Freeman Beetle Trap that works GREAT if you are having any problems with HIVE BEETLES. We're planning to switch all of our bottom boards to this as a protective measure:


While reviewing the website about the beetle bottom board, I came across this EXCELLENT checklist for inspecting your hives.


It has a good worksheet to use for each inspection and also goes into detail for new beekeepers - telling you not only what to look for, but what to do depending on what you find during your inspection.

ALSO, for those of you who might want to computerize your hive inspection info, I found this FREE online program that allows you to list your apiary and up to 6 hives and gives you a way to make notations about each hive when you inspect it:


If you have more than 6 hives, there is a premium version available for purchase for $15 that will let you list up to 1000 hives and even frame by frame inspection information.

And if you have a smart phone, the software is mobile enabled so that you can enter your inspection info on your phone and immediately into your PC without syncing - you can also print out smart labels to staple to your hive that your phone camera can "read" and then pull up the hive info on your phone - all this sounds pretty cool to me.

DISCLAIMER: I do not work for this company and am receiving nothing for posting this info - I just happened to find this program and started using it for our hives and have really liked it.

Anyway, hope this information helps some of you beekeepers out there!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

30 Unique Uses for Dental Floss | Gomestic

30 Unique Uses for Dental Floss | Gomestic

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Found this to be very interesting and thought I'd share - some examples you might not think of:

  1. Remove tight ring from finger : Wrap waxed dental floss from the tip of your finger until you reach the ring. Slide the ring over the waxed floss and you will be able to remove it easily.
  2. Repair umbrella : You can fix your umbrella by using dental floss to secure the loose fabric to the umbrella ribs by sewing them up neatly.
  3. Give support to climbing plants : You can tie up vine plants to a stick using dental floss to support them.
  4. Fix loose parts : You can fix loose hose attached to the tap by wrapping it up with dental floss. Tie up the floss tightly to secure the hose.
  5. Repair outdoor equipment : Since dental floss is made of a strong, durable material, you can use it to fix outdoor equipment like tent, windbreaker, backpack, etc. Use floss to patch up holes, sew the torn seams and secure loose hooks attached to your outdoor gear.
  6. Clean in between cracks of furniture : You can floss in between the cracks of your furniture to remove dirt.
  7. Clean crevices between tools : You can also floss the crevices in between tools to remove dirt.
  8. Emergency shoe lace : Use dental floss to temporarily replace your broken shoe lace
and much more at the link above!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

States of Awareness: Cooper Color Codes

Being aware of your surroundings - knowing what is going on around you, who is around you and what they are doing - is a key element to your personal safety and one of the most basic ways to keep from becoming a "victim" of a crime. Many of you may already know about the Cooper Color Codes - assigning a "color" so you can match your state of readiness with your state of awareness - it is really easy to learn and practice.

The color code system of awareness has 5 states of readiness:

* White: unaware, not paying attention
* Yellow: attentive, but relaxed
* Orange: focus is directed, there is an immediate potential threat
* Red: there is a definitive threat
* Black: you are actively fighting

Instead of re-writing it all here, click to this website to the Women's Self Defense Institute where you can learn all about what these are and then get busy putting them in to practice every day!

States of Awareness - The Cooper Color Codes

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vehicle Maintenance

We all know that we should keep our vehicles in good repair with regular oil changes, keeping tires with proper amounts of air, routine inspection of belts and hoses - but are you diligently making sure you do these things, not just think about them?

There is an excellent article on Survival Blog today that talks about Vehicle Preparation and Maintenance items that I strongly encourage you to read. Whether you are running errands around town with your children, taking a family road-trip for vacation or if a urgent crisis required you to head out of town, your vehicle needs to always be up to the task.


Catastrophic failures often begin as seemingly small problems, which lead to increasingly large problems, and ultimately to failure. On something as critical as your G.O.O.D. vehicle, it is important to trap “error chains” and address seemingly small problems right away, or better yet, prevent them from happening in the first place. I will begin by addressing the most critical systems, where failure would be most likely, and which would bring you instantly to your automotive knees.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet Potato Starts

I ordered our Sweet Potato starts last week and should be receiving them toward the end of the month. I took the recommendation from a friend who ordered hers from Steele Plant Company last year - a company right here in Tennessee. She had great success and said the company was a pleasure to do business with.

This year I decided to give them a try, as a few of my friends have said they had much better success with sweet potatoes in their tire gardens than they did with regular potatoes.

I decided to order 3 dozen starts - a dozen of 3 different varieties. We're going to try the Georgia Jets, the Bunch Porto Ricos and the Nancy Halls. The price was $24.49 for the 36 plants. They have several Pricing Specials that you'll want to review. My order will also come with a 16 page booklet with 4 pages of growing information and 12 pages of recipes. They also have a nice little Growing Tips section on their website.

The company will ship the starts to you when it is ideal planting time in your location. So, if sweet potatoes are on your gardening list for the year, you might want to give Steele Plant Company a look to see if they have something you are looking for!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Means Appleseed!

Now that Spring is here, it's time to get to work and find an RWVA Appleseed event in your area! My daughter and I are attending one this year; my husband attended one a few years ago and has recommended it to everyone he knows. If you aren't familiar with Appleseed - here's what it is all about, taken from the RWVA Appleseed website:


The Appleseed Program is designed to take you from being a simple rifle owner to being a true rifleman. An American tradition, the rifleman has been defined as a marksman capable of hitting a man-sized target from 500 yards away - no ifs, ands or buts about it. This 500-yard range is traditionally known as "the rifleman's quarter-mile." A rifleman can hit just about any target he can see within that radius. Marksmanship skill (albeit with smoothbore muskets) was particularly evident in the birth of our country, and was the difference in winning the Revolutionary War, right from the first day.


The fee for 2010 Appleseed Events is unchanged from last year: $45 a day or $70 for the weekend. Free for Women, Youth Under 21yrs, Active Military, Guard or Reserve with ID. "Pay at the door" fees: $50 a day or $80 for the weekend. Participants may be required to pay a range fee to be collected by the range.

NOTE : Online registration ends 24 hours prior to the event, in order to process paper work. If you miss it, you can still register at the door!


Upcoming TN shoots:
April 2010
Kingsport, TN - Apr 17-18Information or Register
Lobelville, TN - Apr 17-18Information or Register
Manchester, TN - Apr 17-18Information or Register
Maynardville, TN - Apr 17-18Information or Register
Puryear, TN - Apr 17-18Information or Register
May 2010
Manchester, TN - May 22-23Information or Register
June 2010
Puryear, TN - Jun 19-20Information or Register
September 2010
Manchester, TN - Sep 4-5Information or Register
Puryear, TN - Sep 4-6Information or Register
Appleseed shoots are held in most states - just visit the website, click on Schedule and you can filter by state to find one near you.


Visit the RWVA Appleseed website by clicking on the link. If you decide to attend an Appleseed event, the website has great information that will tell you how to prepare and what you need to bring.

See you at Appleseed!
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