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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

States of Awareness: Cooper Color Codes

Being aware of your surroundings - knowing what is going on around you, who is around you and what they are doing - is a key element to your personal safety and one of the most basic ways to keep from becoming a "victim" of a crime. Many of you may already know about the Cooper Color Codes - assigning a "color" so you can match your state of readiness with your state of awareness - it is really easy to learn and practice.

The color code system of awareness has 5 states of readiness:

* White: unaware, not paying attention
* Yellow: attentive, but relaxed
* Orange: focus is directed, there is an immediate potential threat
* Red: there is a definitive threat
* Black: you are actively fighting

Instead of re-writing it all here, click to this website to the Women's Self Defense Institute where you can learn all about what these are and then get busy putting them in to practice every day!

States of Awareness - The Cooper Color Codes

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