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Thursday, February 26, 2009

GOA Flash: Take Action!

Two pro-gun amendments are being offered in the Senate - addressing the "microstamping" issue and national conceal-carry reciprocity. Harry Reid is working hard to shut them completely down using a "cloture" motion to say they are out of order, cut off debate and shut the amendments down.

Voting on this "cloture" motion could come today, but most definitely by tomorrow (27Feb09).

TIME TO get thyself to the Gun Owners of America website by clicking the link in blue, read all about it and take action calling, email and faxing your representatives.

Yes, those standard form letters we seem to get in response are annoying and can be discouraging. But it is our right and DUTY as Americans to let our chosen leaders know where we stand on the issues that are important to us.

Get busy!

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