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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Checking Facts

One thing that many people seem to fail to do these days is think for themselves about the "big picture". We don't do the research. We don't connect the dots. We don't understand or try to learn how all the global economies are intertwined and how it can impact our recovery.

We are busy. Pursuing our own agendas - trying to get ahead and have more. It's confusing sometimes - complicated. So, we tend to skim the headlines, listen to the local or national news in the background and let the little snippets infiltrate us, thinking we then have as much of the story as we need to know.

With economic times such as they are right now, it would pay for more of us to try to understand how the systems interact. To re-visit what our country is supposed to be about - to stand for. To look at our history and know that we are on a slippery-slope right now by supporting such a "victim" mentality throughout our society; by assuming that "someone" will come to our rescue.

So I encourage you today to do your homework. Make an effort to understand how things interact across the globe. Draw your own conclusions, not the conclusions the mainstream media wants you to believe. Check the facts through your own resources and don't take everything on face value. Read and get the facts - something the House and Congress didn't even do before passing the stimulus bill.

Here's one opinion on the facts as they were presented last night from the President. Again, read, do your own checking and form your own opinions.

Fact Check: Obama's Words On Home Aid Ring Hollow

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