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Monday, February 16, 2009

Food Storage Buckets

Pulling a link for you to check out from SurivalistBoards about a sale on Food Grade 5 Gallon Buckets going on now at Lowe's - sale price is $2.83 per bucket versus a regular price of about $5.

This is a good thread with discussions about the various different plastics out there and whether or not they are food grade.

I know many of us try to get our buckets free whenever possible from places like bakeries, doughnut shops, ice cream stores and the like.

But we've been noticing here in the Memphis area that many stores aren't freely giving up their buckets anymore. Many of the area grocery chains and the chains like Costco and Sams have been refusing to give away or even sell their used buckets, stating they are now required to return them.


Susan said...

What do you put in your food storage buckets? Long term storage of one particular type of grain or flour?

We make grab and go buckets with enough food for 72 hours in each incase we have to leave it's ready to go.

Prepared In TN said...

Hi Susan,

We use our buckets for long term storage with mylar bags as liners and oxygen absorbers. We put things like wheat, rice, pasta, flour, sugar and the like.

We also have some that we use without the liners for immediate use items - wheat I'm grinding for bread or rice we're actively eating.

Prepared In TN said...

We have a post coming up about short term and long term food storage - stay tuned!

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