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Friday, August 7, 2009

Lady Preppers on Family Preparedness Guide Radio Show!

Last Saturday American Prepper, WVSanta, Matt and Bob were interviewed on James Stevens' Family Preparedness Guide radio show on Blog Talk Radio. They did a great job explaining the ins and outs of prepping and why we do it. It was a great show guys!!! If you missed the show, you can still download it here.

This Saturday (08 August 2009) James is having the ladies on his show to discuss the Prepper Networks and prepping from a female point of view! It is going to make for a very interesting discussion!

Please tune in at 2:00pm/EST and listen to Phelan (Kansas Preppers Network), Ernie (Indiana Preppers Network), Kymber (Canadian Preppers Network) and me! You can listen to the show live and call in with your questions (347-326-9604), or you can download the show later using this link.

Please be there to support us! And remember - we love questions so bring them along!!!

Hope to hear you on the radio!


Kymber said...

This is going to be awesome Prepared in TN - i am really looking forward to it!

Phelan said...

It was great "meeting" you!

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