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Monday, August 10, 2009

Do You Know What's In the Healthcare Bill?

Have you read it? Because you know that our Senators and Representatives haven't. They farm it out in sections to staffers to read and interpret and give them a quick review.

Why is it there is such a rush to pass through a 1018 page bill that no one has read? Because once it is a done deal, do you realize how difficult, if not impossible, it will be to take any of it away?

Would you sign a mortgage for a new house without reading it? Would you sign any other legal document without reading it?

Then why on earth do we allow for our elected representatives to pass laws that we must abide by when they not only didn't write them, but couldn't even bother to read them? And you realize that if they pass this health care bill, they don't even have to live with it themselves? They are exempt. Does this not make you stark-raving mad?

Doesn't it make you furious to hear the media and lawmakers say that those of us who are attending town hall meetings are part of a conspiracy - that we're part of an organized program to cause disruption when all we are there to do is let our feelings be known?

What ever happened to our elected representatives making laws based on the will of the people? If the will of the people across this country is saying NO to government-run health care, don't we think they should be listening to us instead of trying to come up with talking points to make us come on board with them? Instead of trying to cram it down our throats?

Do you know that Pelosi sent "talking points" home with her democratic peers because they were clueless about this bill?

Have any of you readers out there tried to read this 1000+ page document? Well, there is a member on SurvivalistBoards forum that is trying to get through the entire document and share her findings. So far she's read the first 100 pages and has posted information for us to know as she has gone along.

Here's a link to the first 100 pages she's read: Pages 1-100 of the Healthcare Bill.

She's going to post each 100 pages in a separate forum thread to make it easier to read. I encourage you to check this out. I strongly encourage you to try to read the entire document yourself, but at the very least follow along with us on the SurvivalistBoards forum.

Here's a link to the entire PDF file of the 1018 page Healthcare Bill.

Here's a link to the Liberty Counsel PDF file Overview of the Healthcare Bill.

If there is a town-hall meeting in your area - by all means try to go - get out there and hear what your elected officials are presenting on this health care bill. Find out if they've read it. Find out what they really know about it. Demand that they represent you - the people.

We cannot afford to stand by and be ignorant on this one folks.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great post TN. You're exactly right and I'm glad you're taking the time to look over the bill. I have looked at some of the scary language in parts of the bill. We must not let this pass.

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