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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Works of a Master Prepper

I don't know about you, but sometimes I learn more from reading about something in a story format than I do studying the facts and figures.

There is a Master Prepper out there by the name of Jerry D. Young who writes stories that encompass the fine Art of Prepping like few others can. Almost all of Jerry's stories are free, but the wealth of how-to information that you'll take away from them will make you quickly realize their value.

Jerry posts most of his work in the "Books, Movies and Stories" section on Survivalist Forum, although he does have a website of his own as well ~ Jerry D. Young Library.

I'd like to introduce you to Jerry and some of his work. You'll be glad you had a chance to meet. Enjoy!

Bad Times Coming, Chapter 1

Shake, Shake, Shake (Youth)


Rudy's Preparedness Shop

Low Profile

Who's That Cowboy?

Dominic Santelli, Prepper

Disaster In The Burbs

A Recovery Thread

Is The Mail Here Yet?

Jerry's ad-free Preparedness site

Jerry's E-book ~ Mr. Man

Jerry's published book ~ Shipwrecked

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