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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party Review

Did you attend a tea party in your area yesterday? How did it go? Where do you think it will go from here?

Here's a roundup of tea-party news from across the state and nation:

Fayette County (Somerville, TN) - crowd of about 500

Memphis - crowd of about a 1000 - not good news coverage to be found

Chattanooga Times Free Press - crowd of approximately 2000

Knoxville WBIR.com

Shelbyville Times Gazette - reporting on Nashville (10,000 in attendance) and Murfreesboro

Scared Monkey - blogged about the Nashville tea party

Tax Day Tea Party - good info on attendance across the nation

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think the figures were incorrect. There appeared to be more than 500 at the Somerville, Tn TEA party.
I also attended at noon a Tea Party at Brownsville, Tn and it was very good. You can find it if you search on Youtube for Brownsville Tea Party. (Don't put TN in the search because it won't come up.)
I think this is a good start but nothing is going to happen if we don't grow and we don't all unite on what we need to do. Right now we're not going to make much change until we unite on what action needs to be taken and push it in Washington.

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