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Friday, April 3, 2009


v. ex·ag·ger·at·ed, ex·ag·ger·at·ing, ex·ag·ger·ates
1. To represent as greater than is actually the case; overstate: exaggerate the size of the enemy force; exaggerated his own role in the episode.
2. To enlarge or increase to an abnormal degree: thick lenses that exaggerated the size of her eyes.
To make overstatements.
(definition courtesy of The Free Dictionary)

Seems that our elected officials have gotten really, really good at this of late. Examples:

1. Fox News Political Grapevine: The DNC apparently reported that they presented 642,000 petitions to Capitol Hill on Wednesday in support of the President's budget. PROBLEM: There were only 114,000 - until they went on a door-to-door weekend campaign and added another 100,000. This, in basic math, adds up to 214,000. Then, they made THREE COPIES of each one so every Senator and Representative would get one.

The same link talks about Vice President Biden taking credit for the stimulus package building a new firestation, when in fact the funds were approved in the previous administration.

2. A Perpetuating Myth: Keep hearing that "90% of the guns used in crimes in Mexico come from the US" statistic? IT IS FALSE. Actually, the true statement is that 90% of the TRACEABLE guns used in Mexico. Turns out that only 17% of the guns used are traceable to the U.S. The rest come from Central and South America, China, Russia and other countries. But boy, it certainly is dramatic to get media attention with that 90% number, even if it is a lie.

Can't believe everything you hear or read, you have to do your homework!

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erniesjourney said...

If you bring the tar - I can supply the feathers!

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