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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tracking Food Bills in Congress

It is hard to keep up with the ever-changing numbers and volumes of bills that are introduced in this administration - here are some resources that you might find useful in keeping track of food regulating bills that are in various stages of committees.

H.R. 875 - this is the bill we've heard the most about and that has gotten so many people up in arms about the broad definitions that could be construed to include backyard gardens.

It appears that H.R. 875 will probably be side-tracked and run out of steam because there is more interest in H.R. 759, which would seek to overhaul the entire Food and Drug Administration and needs very close watching to see how they handle small and home-based businesses, farms and ranches.

There is also an H.R. 814, S.510 and S.425 - all relating to food regulation, mandatory food and animal tracking systems, etc.

Just know that you'll have to stay on your toes and keep up with what's going on and moving in and out of committee if these food bills are important to you - and believe me, they should be important to you.

Here are some additional resources that might help:

Food & Water Watch

Cornucopia Institute

Local Harvest

Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Sustainable Food

As always - know that you cannot believe everything you see, hear or read - remember most of these websites are opinions with a particular cause or slant or bias - use them as part of a broad spectrum to educate yourself and as with most things, use your intelligence to decide for yourself what sounds logical and please - read the bills yourself so you know what they say!

1 comment:

rridgeoutlaw said...

So often in the past congress has slipped something by the citizens weren't aware of what was going on. Keeping People alert is what preppers do. Put the info out and let everyone see for themselves. Good Job!

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