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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tire Garden: Day Two

Today we worked more on our tire garden, putting in our second row of double-depth tires and another single row.

Now we are out of tires and dirt - we will have to get more of each this coming week so we can make our next double row and two more single rows.

When we finished our rows today, we put in some of our first seeds like this:

Row 1: Back row near fence in single depth tires has 3 tires of snow peas and 3 tires of sweet green peas. We still have to put up the chicken wire just behind these tires so the peas that need to climb will have a place to go.

Row 2: This first row of double depth tires beside the peas will get our potato starts the middle of this coming week.

Next we left space for a walkway, then:

Row 3: Right now this row has 3 double depth tires - we'll be adding 3-4 more to this row this week. In the 3 that we filled with dirt today, we planted one full of carrots, one full of radishes and one full of beets.
Side Row 1: This is a row of six single depth tires. In those today we planted one of bibb lettuce, two of mesclun blend, one of romaine lettuce, and two of spinach. See the bricks in the spaces between the tires in this picture? We had these extra bricks lying around, so we decided to fill behind them with dirt and between the tires we will plant marigold, nasturtium and other flowering plants. The picture doesn't show it, but we actually put the bricks 2 high so there is plenty of dirt.
Side Row 2: This row is pending and will go in behind Row 1 when we get more tires and will be used for succession planting of the things we have in Row 1.

Then we'll do another single row in the next week or so for me to put in some various herbs.

Also today we got our tomato and pepper seeds started indoors so they'll be ready to transplant in mid-late April after our last frost.

Another neat thing about the tire gardening - I took a Sharpie marker and wrote directly on the tire what I planted and the date. In addition, I always keep a journal with a layout of the beds, what we planted, how we will succession plant and rotate, any weather notes I need to make, any notes about natural bug treatments or fertilizing, etc.

How are your garden plans coming along? Share those ideas with us!


Bullseye said...

Love this post, I'm a farmer at heart. I have used tires in the garden before with great sucess. Good luck and I can't wait to see how yours does.

Kymber said...

This is so cool...this past few days I have been longing to get out and garden in my tires - but we still have so much snow on the ground! So I can get my fix by following your updates - it all looks great by the way!

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