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Monday, March 1, 2010

March Survival Boards Giveaways Total $6000!

Here's the info for this month's fantastic giveaways from the guys at Safecastle and Survivalist Boards. There will be 363 winners and a total of $6000 in giveaways. All you have to do to enter is follow the instructions I'm sharing below. NOTE - there are some DAILY giveaways - so read carefully and GO TO SURVIVALIST BOARDS to enter, not on this post. Good luck!

~~~March Giveaway Info~~~

Safecastle Royal Buyers Club—The Premier Crisis Preparedness Buyers Club in the World

SurvivalistBoards.com is the most dynamic preparedness-related forums on the internet today, in my opinion. I’m sure many of you agree.

I’m Vic--owner of one of the fastest growing crisis-preparedness companies in the business, Safecastle LLC. I just want to say I am excited to become a supporting part of this online community. We’ve been around a good long time and we are recognized far and wide as providing some of the very best products and value anywhere in the preparedness marketplace. We stand behind our products and with our customers all the way.

Joining up with Kev and all the rest of you, we wanted to make a nice statement about our commitment. As such, I decided to go big in this March Giveaway, with retail value of Safecastle prizes awarded exceeding $6000.

Here’s the deal …

A total of 363 prize winners ...

1. Free Lifetime Safecastle Royal Buyers Club Memberships--10 awarded each day thru the month of March (value $29 each)

2. One book awarded each day thru the month – (cycling thru from among):

Tom Brown's Field Guide--"City and Suburban Survival" ($17);
"How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It," by James Wesley, Rawles ($19);
"Survival Handbook, Essential Skills for Outdoor Adventure,” hardcover ($33).

3. Two Smith & Wesson assisted opening knives--$45 value each

4. Four $50 Safecastle Royal Gift Certificates

5. Two Katadyn Vario water filters--$90 value each

6. Two Bury 'Em Tubes -- choice of 6M, 6S, or 6L-- value $175-200 each

7. One Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack—value $207

8. One 9-Tray Excalibur Dehydrator, 3900 Model, black--value $275

9. Four Cases of Storage food--winner's choice (one case for each of four winners)--each case, value of up to $325

10. One Quik-Pak Foldable Bike Trailer—value $350

11. Two QUEST Mission Rigs--value $400 each

12. One Country Living Grain Mill--$456 value

13. And for our friends in Canada—two cases of Mountain House food (one case for each of two winners in Canada) winner’s choice as listed in our Canadian MH listings – (be sure to indicate you are in Canada in your thread posts)—each case, up to a value of $220.

How it will go down …

1. Winners will be selected randomly from among those board members who post to this thread during the applicable prize period (that day or week).
2. Winners will be notified by SurvivalistBoard Private Message. You must respond within one week or your prize will be forfeited and awarded to someone else.
3. One prize per board member … except, those who are awarded a lifetime buyers club membership are eligible to also win one of the other prizes.
4. Prizes are non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged for other merchandise or cash value.
5. We respect our customers’ privacy. As such, we will only post the board name of the prize winners IF they give the OK to do so. We will, however, provide a full list of the winners’ board names to Kev to ensure that all prizes are indeed awarded fairly.

What you should do to participate …

1. Post a comment to the thread no more often than once daily. Every day, 10 winners will be selected from that day’s posters and awarded buyers club memberships, and one winner will receive that day’s survival-related book.

Also, every Wednesday evening in March, at 6pm Eastern time, weekly winners will be selected from that week’s posts and awarded prizes as indicated below:

March 3:
2 Smith & Wesson assisted opening knives
2 $50 Safecastle Gift Certificates

March 10:
2 $50 Safecastle Gift Certificates
2 Katadyn Vario Water Filters

March 17:
2 Bury ‘Em Tubes
1 Voltaic Converter Backpack
1 9-Tray Excalibur Dehydrator, 3900 Model
1 Mountain House case – Canada

March 24:
4 cases of storage food

March 31:
1 Quik-Pak Foldable Bike Trailer
2 QUEST Mission Rigs
1 Country Living Grain Mill
1 Mountain House case – Canada

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