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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Add to Your Preps AND Help Haiti!

Okay all you preparedness friends out there - if you need to add something to your preps and want to help Haiti at the same time - please go to MRE Depotfor your shopping - they are offering 3 different ways to help:

1) 10% off any purchase and they will send the 10% to Haiti - PROMO CODE IS HAITI, and/or

2) place an order of goods and they'll pay to ship it directly to Haiti and/or

3) make a cash donation and they'll match it.

This is a very reputable company we've used them a lot for our purchases - they have great prices, good shipping and fantastic customer service.

If the item is on their website, they have it in stock.

We can personally recommend (meaning we've tried these ourselves) the Red Feather Butter, the Yoder's Canned Bacon, the Costa Rica Green Coffee Beans, and the Canned Taco Meat.

1 comment:

azurevirus said...

What happened in Haiti was terrible ..no two ways about it, I would not wish that on ppl I dont like but saying that...these ppl have lived on handouts since they drove the French out..how much money total has been sunk into that hole from various countries over the yrs?..Haiti is a bottomless pit..save your money!..we should look out for our own first!time to be prepping like crazy..something they should have known to do with the governments they have had

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