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Thursday, July 2, 2009

HAM Radio Class Starting

I'm very excited to let everyone know about this fantastic opportunity for those of you in the Memphis-area! I've been studying to take my HAM Radio Technician's test this coming July. My husband and I have been visiting local HAM Radio clubs, researching amateur radios to purchase and even attended the FIELD DAY event of one of our local clubs - Delta Amateur Radio Club - on Sunday, June 28th.

I was able to work a 20-meter HF station with a very nice gentleman, Mr. Joe Lowenthal - WA4OVO, who is the Director of Training for Delta Amateur Radio Club.

I had a conversation with him and he has generously agreed to offer a day-time class geared for children ages 10 and older (and any parents) who are interested in becoming licensed HAM Radio Operators!

The entry level of HAM Radio Operation is called a Technician License. He is willing to teach a one week class that would enable the student who completes the class to sit for their Technician License at an upcoming exam date.

You do not have to own a radio to take the class. THE CLASS IS FREE - all you have to purchase is the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual for the Technician Level. This can be purchased at Memphis Amateur Electronics on Wells Station Road for about $24.

The class would be open to children ages 10 and up and their parents. It will probably be a 4-day class - for 4 hours each day, starting around the end of July / first of August. Classes will probably be held in the Bartlett/Cordova area.

Getting started in HAM Radio doesn't have to be expensive. This class is being held for just the cost of the workbook. Taking the test costs $15 and a test is offered at several locations in the Memphis-area every month. You can get a basic radio for $100 or less to get started. Visit this link at W5YI: Resources for Amateur Radio to learn more about HAM Radio and how it works. Having a HAM Radio operator license can open up the world to you and your children!


To get the class scheduled, I'm trying to ascertain interest level as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in attending, please email me by July 8th via the contact button in the right sidebar. Be sure to include the NAME(S) and AGE(S) of those interested in attending and a way to email you back once we get everything scheduled.

Then stay tuned and I'll be in touch as soon as we get all the details in order!

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American Prepper said...

I will repost this on APN tomorrow as well as let WVSanta know about it so that they can repost it too, many people have been reading his site to learn about the HAM Radio Prepper Net.

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