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Friday, June 26, 2009

Cap and Trade Update

This update I received today via email from Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) regarding the Cap and Trade vote:


The floor fight on Cap and Trade is underway. We have had our first vote on the rule that will govern debate. The rule only allows for one Republican amendment on the bill. 30 Democrats voted against the rule, far more than expected. That is an indication that the Majority may not have the votes they need for this massive energy tax.

An amendment I proposed would force the government to disclose who gets carbon credits, and what is done with the funds that purchase them. The Democrat controlled committee that decides which amendments can be considered decided mine wouldn't make it to the floor.

You can watch what I had to say in speaking against the rule here.

Last night, the Democrats added about 300 new pages to this bill. That means that we are considering a bill in excess of over a thousand pages that no one can have read completely. I am sure you remember that the last time the House passed a thousand page bill without reading it, AIG executives wound up with more bonuses (I voted “no” on that by the way). Today’s debate and the 300 new pages of legislation were the topic of this debate on CNBC today .

The Heritage Foundation estimates that Tennessee will lose 33,000 jobs in 2012 because of this energy tax. Tennessee will lose an average of 25,600 jobs per year from 2012-2035. Need I say more?

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